Created by Anywhere Real Estate RE., the company behind the world's most recognized residential real estate brands, and Home Partners of America, RealSure Sell brings you a revolutionary new way to sell your home-the assurance of a guaranteed cash offer in hand while a leading real estate professional markets your home to beat that price.

How it Works:

1. Receive a RealSure cash offer from a RealSure certified agent at the listing appointment.

2. Want the certainty that your home will sell, and the assurance that you're getting the opportunity for the best price? Enroll in RealSure Sell.

3. Let your agent do what they do best-market your home as they work to beat the cash offer. After 30 days of trying for a better price (the 30-day Peace of Mind period) it's your call:

a. Did you get a higher offer from another buyer? Great! Take it, we want you to get the best price you can.

b. Want to accept the cash offer? It's yours after the 30-day Peace of Mind period.

4. If after 45 days you want to continue marketing your home you may, but as a reminder your cash offer will then expire.

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